Monday, April 21, 2008

NYCC post game.

Got back from NYCC kinda late last night.

Great trip!

Hung out with David Nakayama, who was cool enough to let me crash on his floor.

Big thanks to Beth Sotelo, Emily Warren, and Christina Strain for putting up with me. Very very cool ladies...except for Christina...she's okay. ;)

Couple things came up so I'll have some more info on these potential projects later.
One very big one to announce in the near future.

Did a couple sketches on the Arcana exclusive blank cover of Gauze, so those are floating around out there. If anyone gets a hold of one or a scan, I will love you forever...(well, a week.)

Had a blast at the Evil Ink/Image party.
Booze, cupcakes, Clive Barker artwork and Claudio Sanchez covering NIN. :drool:

No pictures, sadly. (Don't hit me Marcy) I couldn't get a camera to bring, but a few of the other people with me had them so I'll link them when they come up.


Beth Sotelo said...

Ahh, good times.

You'll be in San Diego too, right?

Dave Hamann said...

I'm gonna try.
Not too sure but I'm gonna see what I can do.