Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something different

So I tried out a little something different with some sketches...inking.
Some stuff drawing wise seems wonky...mostly in her mid region.

I'm not that crazy about it, personally. I'm told it takes a lot of practice to actually get a different style down and all that but right now, I gotta say...not a fan.


Dee MonteCalvo said...

i actually think it looks awesome. ive never used ink for I feel motivated to try it.

Dave Hamann said...

I got a lot of good responses, which usually happens when I don't like something.

Go figure.

Dee MonteCalvo said...

hahaha...youre just humble. which is a good trait. My favorite author says he cant go back and read through his books because he always finds flaws, even though everyone else can see he's brilliant he always wants to imrove.

so its natural.

but trust me, the ink stuff is pretty sweet. ;)

gabriel said...

Looks awesome!!!
I love it. And thanks for your comment

Dave Hamann said...

You're too kind, sir.